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Dear Friends,

Lucky Center is a modern and innovative center for British and American language, society and culture.

Studying a foreign language can be easy and pleasant! Just build up the right relationship with it. Give it your heart and soul, time and attention and it will pay you back.

We will help you to do that. We will choose the right approach with you and guide you all the way until the language starts working in your favour – until it becomes your friend and partner.

We love the whole new worlds that a new language can open up: the different culture, perspective, cuisine, entertainment, travel, history and so on and we want to help you experience that too.

Come and learn to express yourself in a new language! Try the more traditional way or weSpeak - our method of teaching through speaking and listening!

Enjoy the experience!

Your Lucky Center Team

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Our Outstanding Offers

Different courses tailored to your needs

Based upon the detailed and precise assessment of your English competence, goals and interests, you are taught the language that is most relevant to you.

Cosy and relaxed atmosphere

We make sure that our students are being taught in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere and that they enjoy the help of friendly and supportive teachers.

Personal attention and individual guidance

We also make sure that our students receive the highest level of personal attention, individual guidance and constant monitoring of their progress.

Out-of-class activities and training

Our students receive additional out-of-class activities, materials and online mentoring in order to enhance the learning process and achieve the best results.

Convenient location in the center of Sofia

We are located in the very center of Sofia in order to make it easy for everyone to attend and to help you dive into the multicultural environment of the metropolis.

What Other People Say?

Vox Populi

  • Incredible school!

    Professionalism, quality and passion for teaching!

    Irina Ingilizova
  • One can always tell if something is done with love and passion.

    Lucky Center is a sunny oasis, giving you sunny mood and excellent knowledge!

    Konstantina Vucelatu
  • I am completely happy by the quality training Lucky Center delivers to its students.

    I wish it all the best!

    Petya Zagorcheva

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Students are encouraged to listen and speak and to gain confidence in expressing themselves in the foreign language. They are taught how to overcome the language barrier, approach passive vocabulary and deal with grammar issues.

These lessons are designed for people who prefer to study at home or at work, who travel regularly or live abroad, who find it difficult to travel to another place or who have a health issue that requires them to absolutely stay at home.

Do you want your children to speak, play, sing, learn interesting facts, attend art classes, have holiday discussions... in English? Courses are organized on a monthly basis and you can choose between 4 or 8 schools hours per month.