LUCKY CENTER is a modern and innovative English language school located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We offer a range of language courses for adults and children as well as translation and interpreting services. Our focus is on adapting quickly to individual needs and styles of learning. We are innovative in our approach to language learning through speaking, which we call weSpeak. We constantly improve our courses to meet the needs of our students.


It is really important HOW and WHY you study a language. It takes more than just enrolling on a course and proceeding automatically. We believe that people learn in different ways depending on their individual characteristics: it is a gross mistake to apply the same method and style to everyone. For example, some people feel better studying in a group, others need personal attention, and still others need both.


Our approach involves a thorough initial analysis not only of your language needs but also of your style of learning and personality. We then decide on the language steps you need to take. This is achieved not only by means of placement tests but also by means of initial placement interviews. Only afterwards we start the training itself. Most people complain that they study a foreign language all their lives and learn nothing or cannot communicate successfully in it. This is exactly what we try to overcome. The thorough initial analysis of your needs and the right learning strategy saves you time, money and energy.


We help you apply immediately in a real-life setting the things that you have learned so far and, thus, enhance language learning.

We are a team of professionals who have gone all the way through the whole language learning process and, with our experience in mind, we want to make this process easy and smooth for you. That is our task – to take the difficult part of language learning and digest it for you. We do not want you to be just a ‘regular’ student. We want you to be an equal and active participant in your language learning process. Because we know that a whole new world is waiting for you. That it feels so nice to be part of this world.

Language training in our center complies with the standard language competence levels as defined in the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE FOR LANGUAGES.