Do you need new and easy methods that encourage and inspire communication in English? Are you looking for ways to practise the language? Do you want to discuss various interesting topics?

Language is communication. Develop the ability to ask questions. Interview Play follows the habit of children of asking a lot of questions and wanting to know everything. The method builds on that to create a free-flowing information environment in which we learn easily and achieve results. Believe in the power of the ability to ask questions, have fun in the process, get used to the sound of your voice in English.

You have passed a lot of English language courses in which you have studied a lot of grammar. However, there has never been enough time to speak. You still feel that you cannot speak in English and you believe that you are no good at languages. The good news is that you are not the problem. It is the lack of enough speaking practice in a supportive environment. Just think, you have learned to speak Bulgarian without knowing what past perfect or historical present is. Nevertheless, you use them properly just because you have repeated them so many times.

Our speaking courses apply exactly that approach of communication and repetition of common language structures.