We can translate virtually any type of text including, but not limited to: diplomas, contracts, agreements, correspondence, declarations, statements, software and technical documentation, EU materials and publications, presentations, reports, press articles, normative documents, official publications, literary texts, specialized texts in the field of law, banking and finance, energy and power generation, telecommunications, IT, transport, public administration, consumer protection, etc.


Supported CAT tools: SDL Trados Studio 2014, SDL MultiTerm 2014, memoQ 2013, MemSource, Across v. 6, openTM2, XBench and many others;

Review and revision of translations from third parties, which involves language checking, editing and proofreading;

Terminology concordance, database management and creation, alignment of bilingual texts, language and culture consultancy;

Subtitling, pre- and post-editing, transcription and transliteration, back-translation, adaptation, rewriting;

Translation and localization of your website, blog, software strings, user interface, etc.;


Regular – within 3 to 5 working days (5 standard pages per day);

Fast – within 3 working days (1.5 x the standard rates for translation);

Express – within 8 working hours from the time of acceptance (3 x the standard rates for translation);


The standard rates for translation are calculated per standard page (1 500 characters excluding spaces). You can easily count the number of standard pages in the electronic version of your document using the Word Count function (Home > Tools > Word Count > Characters (no spaces)). The minimum fee for translation of texts of less than 1 500 characters (e.g. ID cards) is that applicable to one standard page.

As regards documents of more than 50 standard pages, prices and timing are negotiable.

For more information, just give us a call on 02/851 82 53  or on 0878 116 027.


We offer the following interpreting services:
Simultaneous Interpreting;
Consecutive Interpreting;
Escort/Travel Interpreting;
Whisper Interpreting;
Scheduled Telephone Interpreting (OPI or Over-the-Phone Interpreting);
On-Demand Phone Interpreting, etc.;


Prices are negotiable and are below the standard rates for this type of service.

For more information, just give us a call on 02/851 82 53  or on 0878 116 027.